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Jack A. Atkinson, Founder, Editor & Publisher

ARTS & FOOD is a lifestyle magazine, delivered online, and is created for all who enjoy living the good life.

Our slogan is:



“Keep it Simple” is the premise of our publication where the focus is on ART, DESIGN, FOOD & TRAVEL! If you are passionate about these subjects, every issue will take a deep dive into this exciting cultural pool.

ARTS & FOOD is different from almost all past and current art magazines, because we’re a lifestyle publication. We do not take the serious tone most professional art journals embrace, ie: you will not find “ArtSpeak” in our publication… our approach is simply to focus on the joy both art history knowledge and viewing the latest contemporary art and design bring to art lovers. We also embrace the sensuous pleasures the culinary arts and travel bring to a cultural lifestyle.

Think of this publication as an exciting educational experience: A regular recurring conference on Art, Design, Food & Travel. Life is never boring here. Share this publication with your friends and all who embrace the good life!

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Jack A. Atkinson – Founder, Editor & Publisher of ARTS & FOOD Magazine

(Editor’s note.)

First let me say a publication is a collaboration and many people play a part in its creation. For ARTS & FOOD Magazine I want to give a giant shout out to the people who help and have helped to make this new “website magazine” possible.  A sincere thank you to all of you, for your talents, and your knowledge. You are amazing and you are appreciated!

JACK A. ATKINSON (1st Person) BIO:


My whole life, I have lived by these three words and tested my work and life through the lens of “Is it Simple?” “Does it exude Energy?” “Is it Beautiful?” This test has worked out quite well for every part of my life.

From my earliest recollection, I remember wanting to be an artist and spent my childhood in an art studio carved out of our home’s storage room. Through-out my public education I received special credit from doing drawings and artworks based on the subject matter of each class, but there was only one art class available during all of those school years. My father was a head and neck surgeon and my oldest brother (nine years older than me) was a rocket scientist working for NASA, so when I told my father I wanted to study “art” at college, his answer was an abrupt “HELL NO!” So I enrolled in the more acceptable architecture program and had a stomach ache the whole first semester. At winter break, I told him it was art or nothing at all, and he agreed, but only if I would get a second degree in business. A deal was struck and I ended up with majors in art, graphic design, art history, and business marketing. What wondrous opportunities this road less taken has delivered for me.

I worked in the small in-house advertising department of Plough, Inc. (Maybelline Cosmetics and Coppertone sun screen products) while I was still an undergraduate at the University of Memphis. My contribution there was for Maybelline’s marketing executives – I recommended a Great Lash packaging design which was Pink & Green. It is still sold today in that package, and now is the largest selling single cosmetic product in the world. My first job upon graduation was as the corporate Art Director for Holiday Inn, International. My contribution there: I was part of a three person team to think up and launch the promotion KIDS EAT FREE. (I can take full credit for the headline.) Next I went into publication design, with a few off years working as a freelance Art Director for Bernstein-Rein ad agency’s Denver branch, which was handling all of McDonald’s advertising in ten Western states. We won several Advertising Awards under my art direction.

With-in the world of Publishing I have Art Directed:

  • The San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner’s Sunday Magazine
  • The Denver Post’s Sunday Magazine + all of their Daily Feature Sections & Special Sections
  • Denver Magazine, Louisiana Life Magazine, & Memphis Magazine
  • Freelance Art Director for Southern Living Magazine’s parent company’s Creative Ideas for Living.
  • Freelance Art Director for Vail Magazine, Steamboat Magazine, Arkansas Times & Southern Magazine + many corporate publications and annual reports.

Awards; the publications I have worked on have won:

The National Magazine Award for General Excellence presented by the National Association of Magazine Editors and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; the Ozzie Award for Best Newsstand Cover in North America, the Maggie Award for Publication Design Excellence, Magazine of the Year from the Regional Publishers Association; Magazine of the Year from the City and Regional Publishers Association; Design Excellence Award from the Society of Newspaper Designers, The “White Award” for Outstanding Publication Design from Kansas State University’s School of Journalism, plus many other awards, too numerous to mention here.

I have hung dozens of solo and group art exhibitions of my “ART” in the Chelsea Contemporary Arts District of New York City and I started journalistically covering the art scene of NYC in 2010 though my ARTS & FOOD blog published under the URL: (because “&” ampersands are not allowed in URLs).

Very early on in my career, while working at Holiday Inn Corporate Headquarters, my wife and I were surrounded by many of the great chefs of Europe and we dined at their home tables regularly. It was then, I became interested in the culinary arts. Since then we have entertained often, hosting large seated dinner parties for 12 to 14, where we cook and serve seven course gourmet meals to our guests. It has been a wonderful culinary journey exploring the cooking of all cultures around the world.

These experiences have brought me to creating the website magazine you are now reading. Welcome to our expanded version of ARTS & FOOD Magazine!

Until later,