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‘HELLO’ from Jack A. Atkinson, Founder/Editor/Publisher of ARTS & FOOD Magazine!

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Our expanded online magazine has been created for all who love the arts, and who doesn’t love good food? I have spent my life immersed in art, design, food preparation, travel, and home design / real estate – this publication organically sprang out of those passions! With this NOV/DEC 2017 ISSUE, the first “BETA” version of our publication in it’s “new website” version, we are reviewing all aspects, looking for any bugs and discussing what’s needed, and what to improve – as our publication moves forward.

If you want to suggest a story, report a bug, tell us about incorrect information, report any problem at all, or send your feedback – please go to the CONTACT  US link in the header of our magazine or to the following link:

‘HELLO AGAIN’ would be a more appropriate greeting for this issue, because ARTS & FOOD Magazine, blossomed from of our longtime ARTS and FOOD Blog which we’ve been publishing weekly for the past eleven years. This new incarnation of ARTS & FOOD will still focus on major art exhibitions, museums and international art fairs, and will still cover art history, he cutting edge of the art world today and great recipes for foodies, but now will now expand our editorial content to include more interesting design stories, art related travel, and include artistic living spaces and beautiful architecture as a part of our design features.

In addition to creating more, high level content for our publication, it is an exciting time for the publishing industry itself. I have a deep background in traditional periodical publishing of newspapers, magazines, etc., so being a part of this industry while it reinvents itself through this digital sea-change is both thrilling as well as challenging. After all, the world has been publishing by printing on paper and physically delivering the finished product for more than 600 years now, but we are “All IN” on this digital future of publishing, and hopefully our publication can make a small contribution to the industry’s as it evolves from print to digital.

I invite you to join us on this odyssey! Our goal at ARTS & FOOD is to deliver an exciting surprise package, a special event with-in each issue, curated for all who embrace the GOOD LIFE by finding joy in art, food, design, and travel.

Our slogan says it all, “THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE… NEVER BORING!”

Until later,

Jack A. Atkinson

Founder / Editor & Publisher

ARTS & FOOD Magazine

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