The Affordable Art Fair NY – Fall 2017… IT’S BACK ! ! !

Stephen A. Davids (SAD), The Art Movement, London UK 



The Affordable Art Fair 

is here again for its 

NYC Fall 2017 Exhibition

It’s September, bring on the Fall ARTS Season! First add a new pleasure to your home by investing in “affordable art” from the Affordable Art Fair’s NYC Fall 2017 edition. 

AAF is returning to the Metropolitan Pavilion, 18th Street between 6th & 7th Ave., for their 24th NYC fair (held 2x a year, Fall & Spring). This edition welcomes a large contingent of artists from the UK, along with some New York artists and galleries, plus other international exhibitors. The fair showcases original contemporary artworks from over 400 living artists, and the highest price point at the AAF is lower than most NYC art fairs lowest price points. Therefore the title: The Affordable Art Fair! Not all collectors can afford $80,000 to $40,000,000 for one artwork in their home, but at AAF everyone can afford something. Galleries and the show organizers carefully curate these artworks to all be in the $100 to $10,000 range, with more than half priced under $5,000. 

Discover the art collector in you, at the Affordable Art Fair NYC Fall 2017!

(Here are a few examples of work being shown at the 2017 Fall AAF.)

“Rowdy”, Bristal Graffiti Artist, spray paint on canvas, Clifton Fine Art, UK
Barry Steadman, earthenware 3/D paintings,
One Church Street Gallery, London 
Charlotte Champion, French, French Art Studio Gallery UK
Fletcher Prentice,
the character and color of birds,
Byard Art, Cambridge UK 
Freddy Fabris, “The Creation of Adam” Urbane Art Gallery, UK
G. Raman, from India,
Hindu and Christian Images,
The Nobel Sage Art Collection, London
Gareth Griffiths, Welsh Sculptor, Caiger Contemporary Art, Epson, UK 
Ian Robinson, photorealism – oil on canvas, One Church Street Gallery, London
Julie Needham, from Leichster,
Woodbine Contemporary Arts, Oakham, UK
Kieran Naish, painter/graphic designer from Bath,
Wychwood Art, Oxfordshire, UK
Lars Tunebo, animals in unusual situations,
photo collage / mixed media,
Liberty Gallery, London
Mark Jessett, from Devon,
works on paper,
Modern ArtBuyer, Bath, UK
Nickie Carlyon, oil on canvas, Prince and Pilgrim Gallery, Surrey UK 
Nicky Crowther, “Rainbow Warriors” 2016, FFLOW Gallery UK
Pam Carter, artist was born in East Africa,
Art Agency, Esher, UK 
Richard Heeps, Bleach Box Photography Gallery, UK
Richard Simmons,
Urban Pop,
Opera Gallery, London UK
Rosanne Barr, artist from Gartocharn, Scotland, Signet Contemporary Art, London
Russell West,
Mixed Media 3/D art,
inspired by shanty towns and found object slum construction,
in many countries.
Sculpture – Rachel Ann Stevenson, JAMM Gallery, London UK
Shigeki Kuroda, Japanese Printmaker, Hanga Ten, London, UK
Stephen A. Davids (SAD),
Riding Into The Sunset,
The Art Movement, London UK 


Teresa Lawton,
“Uphill Village”, mixed media
Amanda Aldous Fine Art, UK 
The Lost Fox, “FOX”
print edition 125,
Rostra Gallery, UK
Zed Desideraja,
self-taught expressionist,
Hatch Gallery, Christchurch, UK 

(Photos courtesy of the individual galleries and artists.)


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