“Neat” A Crow Doormat from Winterthur’s Shop

 The Crow Doormat!
Supplies Limited! Price: $32.00.
Due to popular demand, there are a limited number of these crow doormats in stock at Winterthur’s Design Shop.

Black crows can be seen soaring above the trees at Winterthur, or perched on leafless branches in the fall. This black crow silhouette doormat is sure to add a touch of mystery to your doorstep during autumn weather. Imported.

FACT: A group of crows flocking and living together is called a “murder.”

Crows are known for their intelligence and adaptability.

They are able to make and use tools.

More impressively, they are able to pass newly acquired information on to other crows, as well as, future generations of

Crow Doormat:

• Made from 100% coir, a renewable, eco-friendly coconut fiber.

• Dimensions: 30″L x 18″W.

• Care: Shake, brush, or vacuum clean.

• Keep out of direct sunlight to minimize fading.

For Crow Doormat Contact Winterthur Design Shop: 800.448.3883 x4792
Sku : 43095
Link: https://www.winterthurstore.com/product/43095/Crow-Doormat.html?cid=257

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