SURPRISE ME: A Master Class in Guitar: The Beatles’ Signature Techniques

THE BEATLES’ Greatest Guitar Techniques / an amazing master class! (working video is below)

Master Guitar Player, Mike G. of Teaches “the-art-of-guitar program”, which is the culmination of over 25 years of learning, playing and teaching guitar techniques. He found that most students learn best when they are in one-on-one private lesson settings and he has done his best to replicate that experience in his video lessons created in his home. Like private lessons, students benefit from learning from the ground up – from an experienced instructor who not only shows how to play, but the best order in which to learn guitar techniques and theory.

In this video Mike teaches the guitar techniques that the Beatles used to create their signature style. These guitar licks may have been conscious or just the natrual style of the different way each member of the group played his guitar.