FIRST PERSON: by Anna Addoms

I’m a true foodie – so much so that if you looked up the definition in a dictionary, you’d find my photo. I probably have a few recommendations for every kind of food and the options I give you depend on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Is it casual, a date night, a business dinner, or a fancy experience?

If you want an upscale but casual Italian pizza experience, I’d go for Pizzeria Delfina in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a variety of options on their menu for every palette, even for someone who isn’t really in the mood for pizza.

While the menu has amazing options for every course, one of my absolute favorite things about the restaurant is the ambiance and its casual neighborhood feel. When you walk in, you put your name and party size on the chalkboard (be prepared for a wait unless you’re there right when they open). While you wait, you can order a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy the happy, buzzing atmosphere filled with customers enjoying great food and community.

A view inside Pizzeria Delfina from the street

My perfect meal at Delfina includes the Fresh Double 8 Mozzarella di Bufala, the roasted Brussels sprouts, the tricolore salad, and a margarita or panna pizza. If you have a sweet tooth, I’d also recommend the TCHO Chocolate Pot Di Crema, made with Bay Area sourced chocolate and is the perfect end to a meal.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch them make the mozzarella – I like to sit at the bar where I can see them working on it if I wander in by myself for lunch.

INSIDER’S TIP: They have a secret menu – one of my favorite items is the magic pie (a panna pizza with Italian fennel sausage added).  

Pizzeria Delfina has locations in San Francisco, Burlingame, and Palo Alto.

(Article by Anna Addoms, Photos by Anna Addoms and fromPizzeria Delfina website.)



Published January 2018 / all things must change!