FIRST PERSON: by Anna Addoms

For almost 30 years, Donald Pliner has built a reputation for innovative materials, remarkable design and quality craftsmanship in men’s and women’s luxury footwear and accessories. The brand is known for combining premium leather and materials with impeccable design while holding quality fit and comfort to the highest standard.

As a woman who wears high heels on a regular basis, finding a designer who prioritizes fit and comfort as much as beauty and design is a big deal! I find that I can wear Pliner shoes longer and in comfort while still looking fabulous. Donald Pliner’s shoes also come in a variety of styles, making it a versatile brand to keep in your closet.

Unlike other brands on the market, Pliner shoes are designed with the tenet of comfort. The angle of the arch and the distribution of weight placed on different areas of the sole, make them more comfortable. Wearing a pair of Pliner heels guarantees that I won’t be standing on the balls of my feet all day.

You can browse the current collection of Pliner shoes here.

(Article by Anna Addoms – Photos courtesy Donald Pliner)