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Cashew Cream Ravioli


VEGAN FOOD at Blossom Restaurant in NYC. 

This vegan food was worth making the trip over to Chelsea. (They also have a location in the Upper West Side.) Lasagna is my favorite food in the world so I was instantly drawn to trying their vegan version, but I could have ordered everything on the menu! I wasn’t even that hungry and I still finished my appetizer, the Cashew Cream Ravioli, the “cream” sauce I would eat everyday, if it were available. This ravioli is filled with tempeh, mushrooms, pine nuts and spinach then smothered in the cashew cream sauce.

We were there on Saturday for dinner, as part of my bachelorette party, as a group of six. I was so looking forward to coming and it turned out to be well worth it. The food was out-of-this-world amazing. All my girlfriends, who are all omnis, were amazed by how tasty pure vegan food can be. Funny enough, anything with a dairy substitute dish was a favorite, (cashew creams ravioli), but OMG those crispy artichoke hearts… I’m still thinking about them. I was equally impressed by the quality of service given to us by the manager, who not only gave our table a free bottle of bubbly, but threw in free desert for (me) the bride. They went above and beyond to make certain our table was happy – our server was incredibly kind. I was so pleased with our experience that night… one girlfriend and I are already planning a trip back after the wedding, this time as a double date with our husbands.

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